Everything You Should Know About Pies
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Everything You Should Know About Pies

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Amazing Pies - Helpful Hints & Tips

Always learn about preparing methods before you start baking. Variety of methods exist in preparing and mixing the ingredients used in pastry making. Each method is producing a different effect in the finished product. Some of these methods are explained in detail, so that the people interested in this subject will not have any difficulty in producing splendid results. Familiarity with all of them will insure success every time. Click here to learn more...

A solid fat, that is, one that will remain solid at ordinary room temperature, is the best shortening for pastry making. Oils of various kinds may be used, but in most cases the results are not so successful. If pastry is to have the desired flakiness, the shortening must not be broken into such tiny particles and the flour must not be saturated with fat, as is more likely to be the case if oil is used in place of solid fat. In addition to being solid, the fat should be just as cold as possible.

Butter is the only fat that is used for puff paste, but for other varieties of pastry almost any desirable fat may be utilized. Lard has always been a particular favorite for pastry making; still, for ordinary pastry making, there are various combinations of fat of both animal and vegetable origin which will serve the purpose.

Water is the only liquid used in traditional pastry making. Water should be as cold as possible, or cold water in which small pieces of ice are allowed to melt is especially desirable for this purpose.

Pastry blender is great tool to have. You could actualy save time when cutting butter into flour for preparation of pie and/or pastry dough. Make sure to choose one with handle that is sturdy and comfortable to hold. The best are usually the ones with diamond shape blades, sharp enough to prevent sticky clogs as you work. Buy stainless steel with comfortable handle and also dishwasher safe. More pastry blenders...

A perforated pie tin is an advantage in the baking of shells or single-crust pies, for it prevents the air from becoming confined between the pan and the crust and producing air spaces that would cause blisters to form as the pie is baked.

If desired, the crust may be placed over the back of the pan and baked, thus forming a shell that may be filled with a cooked filling and served.

Often, especially in the baking of fresh berry or cherry pie, the juice that forms inside the pie cooks out. This can be prevented by rolling a small piece of paper into a funnel shape, leaving both ends open, and inserting the small end in one of the openings in the top crust. This arrangement provides a vent for the steam, and so the juice is less likely to cook out of the crust while the pie is baking. Click here to find out more...

You will need less sugar if canned fruits are used instead of fresh ones because they are usually canned with sugar.

Always try to serve pie warm, as is well known, pie is much more palatable when it is warm and fresh than when it is cold or stale.

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Pie and Cheese
With most pies containing fruit filling, a small piece of cheese, preferably highly flavored cheese, may be served. This makes a very good accompaniment so far as flavor is concerned, but is omitted in some meals because it may supply too much food value or too much protein. However, if the fact that a high-protein food is to be served at the end of the meal is taken into account when the remainder of the meal is planned, there need be no hesitancy in serving cheese with pie. Of course, when cheese is to be included in the meal in this way, the portions of the protein foods served with the main course should be smaller.