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Puddings And Other Desserts

Proper attention to the rules, some practice, and excellent quality of ingredients used will ensure success in pudding preparation every time. Puddings are either boiled, baked or steamed.
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For boiled puddings, fritters, etc., is made with one cupful of milk, a pinch of salt, two eggs, one tablespoon of melted butter, one cupful of flour and a small teaspoon of baking powder. Sift the flour, powder and salt together, add the melted butter, the eggs well beaten and the milk; mix into a very smooth batter, a little thicker than for griddle-cakes.
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Helpful Tools
Pastry blender is great tool to have. You could actualy save time when cutting butter into flour for preparation of pie and/or pastry dough. Make sure to choose one with handle that is sturdy and comfortable to hold. The best are usually the ones with diamond shape blades, sharp enough to prevent sticky clogs as you work. Buy stainless steel with comfortable handle and also dishwasher safe. More...
Roll rich biscuit dough thin, and cut it into little squares cca four inches wide and seven inches long. Spread over with berries. Roll up the crust, and put the rolls in a dripping pan just a little apart; put a piece of butter on each roll, put on some spices if you like. Strew over a large handful of sugar, a little hot water. Set in the oven and bake like dumplings. Serve with sweet sauce.
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