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Italian Rice Recipes

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The Beauty of Italian Rice Dishes

Discover the pleasure of experiencing beautiful flavors of Italian rice dishes and learn how to prepare them by using our easy recipes and tips. Buon Appetito!


Eggs Arborio

Rice With Mushrooms

Rice With Peas

Rice All Indiana

Riso in Bianco

Risotto Alla Capuccina

Rice With Tomatoes

Risotto Alla Genovese

Risotto Alla Nostrale

Risotto Alla Parigina

Risotto Alla Romana

Risotto Alla Spagnuola

Risotto all'Italiana

Risotto With Ham

Typical Risotto Procedure

Did You Know?

Risotto is a typical Italian dish made with rice. It represents one of the noblest and in the same time one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy.

Risotto originated in the Northwest of the country, in particular in Eastern Piedmont and Western Lombardy, where rice pads are abundant; it is therefore one of the pillars of the Torinese and Milanese cooking.

What is typical of risotto is the toasting of the rice before the broth is added; other dishes exist that are similar, but they should not be called "risotto" if the toasting of the rice is not performed.

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Helpful Tips

The rice for risotto should be from the Italian cultivated varieties Carnaroli or Superfino Arborio or Roma; other varieties will give a worse result; anyway avoid Basmati and above all avoid parboiled rice.

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