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Cooking with Kids

Teach your kids to cook and have fun in the kitchen!

Cooking with Kids

If you want your children to grow up to be healthy adults and develop an appreciation for a healthy food, start your cooking lessons early. The sooner your kids start to learn, the easier things tend to go.  Children can be involved in cooking as soon as they can follow directions.

It is easy to involve children into your dinner preparation if you start making small and easy changes in your cooking routine. First, teach your children kitchen safety basics, than try some of our kid-friendly recipes.

Most children think cooking is fun, and with a little cooking instruction from Cooking with Kids guide, and recipes provided, your kids will learn to cook delicious and much healthier food. Keep in mind, that for your kids, your family is the center for learning eating habits. So start teaching your kids that preparing food is fun and food is supposed to be healthful and made at home.

(Excerpts and recipes used with permission from the book "Cooking with Kids" by Maya Gavric)

Browse Kid-friendly Recipes:

Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Biscuits
Orange Raisin Scones
Ginger Bread Heart
English Muffin Apple Brunch
Chocolate Apricot Mini Sandwiches
Tuna Nuggets
Sausage and Cheese Empanadas
Strawberry Fudge Ice Cream Pie
Chicken Salad

Browse Cooking with Kids guide:

The Magic of Home Cooking
Kitchen Safety Rules
Measuring Butter
Methods of Cleaning
Measures and Recipes
Learning About Beef

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Did You Know?
"The threat to our children:

We never thought that type 2 diabetes would occur in 10 or 12 year olds; but now it's not uncommon to see that. These are serious consequences. And the tendency to dismiss this or to, perhaps, even see it in some cultures as a norm, is getting in the way of recognizing this as a real public health emergency.

This is a tragedy. After all of these years of building up our health care in order that people are saved from premature disability and death, we could lose these gains. It could hardly be more serious, when you think about it in those terms. Do you want your children and your grandchildren to inherit a society where their hopes for a long and healthy life are not even as good as yours were?

(Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH))"

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