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Everything You Should Know About Pies, Pastries & Related

Did you know that originally pies were not intended for desserts. Rather, they were used as the main dish of the meal, as they contained a filling of meat or fish and vegetables. Such pies are still made, but they are not usually the ones intended when pastry for pies is mentioned. It should therefore be understood that most of the pastry and recipes considered in this section is that which is used with sweet fillings and employed particularly in the making of pies and similar foods that are used for desserts.

It is true, of course, that you should determine for yourself whether or not pastry desserts are wholesome enough to be eaten by you. Indigestion is almost sure to result from heavy, soggy, imperfectly baked pastry, because the quantities of fat it contains may be slow to digest and much of the starchy material may be imperfectly cooked. Consequently, it is often not the pie itself but the way in which it is made that is responsible for the bad reputation that this very attractive dessert has acquired. If the correct method of making pastry and pies is followed and the ingredients are handled properly in the making, the digestibility of the finished product shouldn't be our concern. As a rule, a little experience is needed in order that good results in the making of pastry dishes may be attained, but one who becomes efficient in the other phases of cookery should have no difficulty with foods like this.


Requirements for Pastry & Pie Making
Making & Baking Pastry for Pies
Methods of Pastry & Pie Making & Baking
Recipes for Pie Pastry
Baking Pastry for Pies
Pie & Pastry Tips
Utilizing Leftover Pastry
Serving Pies & Pastry


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Did You Know?

With most pies containing fruit filling, a small piece of cheese, preferably highly flavored cheese, may be served.

Cheese makes a very good accompaniment so far as flavor is concerned, but is omitted in some meals because it may supply too much food value or too much protein. However, if the fact that a high-protein food is to be served at the end of the meal is taken into account when the remainder of the meal is planned, there need be no hesitancy in serving cheese with pie. Of course, when cheese is to be included in the meal in this way, the portions of the protein foods served with the main course should be smaller.

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