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Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

Consumers priorities are food that is healthy, safe, affordable and nutritious. Modern consumers think more about healthy food, nutrition and food safety. We all expect to live longer, and we want to enjoy good health along the way. Good quality, real foods and complete digestion are key to disease prevention and taking off pounds.

Over the last few years the issue of preservatives has been gaining prominence on the list of consumer concerns. The number of high profile food safety incidents and their frequency over the past several years results in heightened consumer awareness. Informed consumers today are uncertain about food preservatives and other additives, and at the same time more reluctant to put them into their bodies. Preservative-free choices let us feel better about what we are eating, which leads to better health, and adds to the food enjoyment factor.

(Excerpt used with permission from the book "Gluten Free & Delicious" by Maya Gavric)

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Did You Know?

Fruits and vegetables do not contribute significantly to our daily sugar and sodium intake, regardless of the form in which they are consumed. In fact, all canned, frozen, and dried fruits contribute less than two percent of the added sugar in most North Americans’ diets, and vegetables add less than one percent of the sodium.

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