Everything You Should Know About Pies
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Everything You Should Know About Pies

One Crust Pies

Making One Crust Pie
Many varieties of pies are made with only one crust, and these usually prove more attractive than those having two crusts. 

As a rule, the filling is a custard or a corn-starch mixture, but often fruits of various kinds, as well as pumpkin and squash, are used in the making of pies of this kind. 

Frequently, Meringue is used as a covering for one-crust pies; or, if an especially delicious dessert is desired, a thick layer of stiffly beaten and sweetened whipped cream is often added to the pie just before serving. Again, a partly open pie is sometimes made, this being done by putting strips or pieces of paste over the filling before the pie is baked. Individual pies of this kind are attractive for special occasions and may be made to advantage if small pie pans are in supply.

The crust for one-crust pies is often placed over the back of the pan and baked. It is then removed, filled with the desired filling, and returned to the oven to complete the baking. 

Whether the lower crust should not be baked or should be partly or entirely baked before the filling is put into it depends on the character of the filling and the degree of temperature required to cook it.

Easy Pie Pastry is the pastry recipe ideal for one crust pies.


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Variety of methods exist in preparing and mixing the ingredients used in pastry making. Each method is producing a different effect in the finished product.
Some of these methods are explained and illustrated here in detail, so that the people interested in this subject will not have any difficulty in producing splendid results. Familiarity with all of them will insure success with it.

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