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Measuring Butter

Sticks of butter make measuring easy and convenient. The equivalents below are good to know when purchasing butter or when you are using butter in your recipes.


   1 pound =
4 sticks  =
   2 cups  =
 32 tablespoons
1/2 pound =
2 sticks  =
    1 cup   =
 16 tablespoons
1/4 pound =
1 stick    =
 1/2 cup   =
   8 tablespoons
1/8 pound =
1/2 stick =
 1/4 cup   =
   4 tablespoons

Notes on Fat:
  1. Fat is used to destroy the elasticity of the gluten, so that it will not be tough when cooked.
  2. Butter, lard, or dripping may be used.
  3. Lard makes more tender pastry than butter.
  4. Butter gives the best flavour.
  5. Half butter and half lard makes a good mixture.
  6. Layers of fat may be put in between layers of pastry, to separate it into flakes.
  7. If two fats are used in preparing pastry, the softer is cut into the flour, and the harder one laid on the paste and folded in.
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Helpful Tips

Improve your pasta dishes simply by adding a pat of butter to the pasta just after pasta is drained. Not only will this give your sauce extra body and flavor, but it will also help the sauce adhere to the pasta.

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