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Oven Baked Eggs

Oven Baked Eggs

Take an earthenware, stoneware or some other ovenproof dish which will stand heat and also look nice to use for serving the eggs. Iron pans can be used if the dish doesn't need to look special.

Butter dish with melted butter and break therein as many eggs as desired; sprinkle lightly with salt, and put into the oven for two or more minutes till the eggs are set.

Have ready some hot tomato sauce, or some other sauce you like; pour the sauce over them, and serve with fresh bread.


Chrisp bacon or ham can be put on the bottom of the dish, if you want more caloric meal.

Eggs can be garnished with ground blach pepper, thinly sliced green onions or finelly chopped fresh parsley.

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The shell of a freshly laid egg is almost full; but owing to the porous character of the shell, with age and exposure to air a portion of the liquid substance of which the egg is composed evaporates, and air accumulates in its place at one of the extremities of the shell. Hence an egg loses in density from day to day, and the longer the egg has been kept, the lighter it becomes, and the higher it will rise in the liquid.

An egg that will float on the surface of the liquid should not be used without breaking in separate dish, and is usually unfit for use at all.

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