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Leek And Parsnip Puree


2 large leeks (thinly sliced)
5 large parsnips (peeled and chopped)
4 tablespoons chives (chopped)
5 tbsp of crème fraîche
60 g (2 oz) butter 
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook thinly sliced leek and chopped parsnips in a pan of boiling salted water until tender.

2. Drain well, place in a blender or food processor and process until smooth.

3. Return puree to pan, add chopped chives, butter, and salt and pepper, to taste. Cook until the puree is well heated through.

4. Remove from heat, stir in crème fraîche and cook over medium heat for 2 minutes. Adjust seasoning if desired.

Fabulous as filling for omelets, crepes and baked vegetables, great as dip or use as pasta sauce.

NOTE: Crème Fraîche is the number one cook's ingredient in the cream family. It comes from a strictly controlled area of Normandy and has all the rich, luscious flavour that the area is famous for. The Normans didn't like diminished flavour of cream from pasteurized milk, so they created their very special way of adding a culture to the cream and allowed it to mature and develop the faintly acidic flavour that was lost in pasteurization. The beauty of this wonderful invention is wonderful creamy flavour, much longer shelf life, and it never curdles and separates when boiled.

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