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Everything You Should Know About Pastry

Baking Puff Paste

Puff Paste
A very hot oven is required for successful puff paste. In fact, the colder the pastry and the hotter the oven, the better will be the chances for light pastry. 

The air incorporated between the layers of the paste by the folding and rolling expands in the heat of the oven, causing the paste to rise and producing the characteristic lightness.

For instance, if the pieces of paste are about 1/4 inch thick before baking, they should be 2 inches thick when baked. 

Set the pan containing the pieces on the floor of the oven in order to give the paste every opportunity to rise. If it seems to rise unevenly, turn it around so that it will get the same heat on all sides. 

Bake until light and nicely browned and then remove from the oven.

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Variety of methods exist in preparing and mixing the ingredients used in pastry making. Each method is producing a different effect in the finished product.
Some of these methods are explained and illustrated here in detail, so that the people interested in this subject will not have any difficulty in producing splendid results. Familiarity with all of them will insure success with it. MORE
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