Everything You Should Know About Pies
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Everything You Should Know About Pastry

Tartlets & Tarts

Tartlets are nice made in this manner:

  • Roll some good puff paste out thin, and cut it into two and a half inch squares;
  • Brush each square over with the white of an egg, then fold down the corners, so that they all meet in the middle of each piece of paste; 
  • Slightly press the two pieces together, brush them over with the egg, sift over sugar and bake in a nice quick oven for about a quarter of an hour. 
  • When they are done, make a little hole in the middle of the paste and fill it up with apricot jam, marmalade, or red currant jelly. 
  • Pile them high in the centre of a dish on a napkin and garnish with the same preserves the tartlets are filled with.


  • Roll out a nice puff paste thin; 
  • Cut out with a glass or cookie-cutter and with a wine-glass or smaller cutter, cut out the centre of two out of three; lay the rings thus made on the third, and bake at once. 
  • They may be used for veal or oyster patties, or filled with jelly, jam or preserves, as tarts. Or shells may be made by lining patty-pans with paste. If the paste is light, the shells will be fine. 
  • If they are filled with jelly and covered with meringue (tablespoonful of sugar to the white of one egg) and browned in oven, they are very nice to serve for tea.


Larger pans are required for proper tarts, usually they are in the size of small, shallow pie-tins.

After the paste is baked and cooled and filled with the jam or preserve, a few stars or leaves are placed on the top, or strips of paste, criss-crossed on the top, all of which have been previously baked on a tin by themselves.

Dried fruit, stewed until thick, makes fine tart pies, also cranberries stewed and well sweetened.

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Variety of methods exist in preparing and mixing the ingredients used in pastry making. Each method is producing a different effect in the finished product.
Some of these methods are explained and illustrated here in detail, so that the people interested in this subject will not have any difficulty in producing splendid results. Familiarity with all of them will insure success with it. MORE
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