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Wüsthof-Trident Knives

Wüsthof-Trident of Solingen Germany is a favourite knife manufacturer among chefs (and many home cooking enthusiast) and also known the worldover for it´s unique, uncompromising quality of these valued and cherished kitchen tools. Each knife is hot-drop forged by skilled craftsmen from a single piece of the finest surgical, alloyed, high-carbon, no-stain quality steel. Each edge is honed by hand, perfectly curved, and laser tested for uniformity. They have lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. Tools like that must be used to be fully appreciated.

Known most famously for their incredible variety of household and professional knife collections with over 120 styles to choose from among 4 precision forged collections:

  • CULINAR and
Wüsthof-Trident of Solingen Germany also offers an extensive assortment of Scissors, Personal Care/Manicure sets as well as Gourmet Gift & Bar items.

The cook´s knife: The most important kitchen tool. No good cook should be without one of these! Learn more...


1. Always buy better quality knife and consider it an investment because it’s impossible for anyone to make a nice looking meal or to carve the meat into pretty slices if you don’t have a good knife.

2. The enjoyment of gourmet food begins with the preparation and the right tool. Try to choose a knife that has good construction, has right weight and gives you proper confort. Good knife fits your hand properly, your fingernails should not dig into your palms, blade should not feel heavy or light, and your grip should not feel strained. 

3. Cutting different types of food requires different types of knives. There is no one universal knife that can be used for the multitude of cutting tasks.

4. Never put your quality knife in a dishwasher. We recommend hand washing and prompt drying to preserve the edge.

5. Fine knives should be touched up with a sharpening steel before each use. By doing that, you unbend the edge and prolong the length of time before you have to sharpen the knife with a grinder. For beginners, and for those less technically inclined, the ceramic disc sharpener is ideal as it virtually guarantees the proper angle is applied to the edge.

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