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Charlotte Recipes

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Charlotte Russe with Pineapple


Put some thin slices of sponge cake in the bottom of a glass sauce dish; pour in wine enough to soak it; beat up the whites of three eggs until very light; add to it three tablespoons of finely powdered sugar, a glass of sweet wine and one pint of thick sweet cream; beat it well and pour over the cake. Set it in a cold place until served. Not for children.


  • Take a stale sponge cake, cut the bottom and sides of it, so as to make it stand even in a glass fruit dish; make a few deep gashes through it with a sharp knife, pour over it a pint of good wine, let it stand and soak into the cake.
  • In the meantime, blanch, peel and slice lengthwise half a pound of sweet almonds; stick them all over the top of the cake.
  • Have ready a pint of good boiled custard, well flavored, and pour over the whole.
  • To be dished with a spoon.
NOTE: This is very good charlotte, but for adults only.


  • Peel and cut one large pineapple in slices.
  • Put the pineapple slices into a stewpan with half a pound of fine white sugar, half an ounce of gelatine, and half a cup of water; stew it until it is quite tender, then rub it through a sieve, place it in fridge or upon ice, and stir it well.
  • When it is upon the point of setting, add a pint of cream well whipped, mix it well and pour it into a mold lined with sponge cake, or prepared in any other way you prefer.

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