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Pudding Sauces

The sauces served with puddings deserve just as much attention as the puddings themselves. For instance, a sour sauce that is not rich, such as lemon sauce, should be served with a rich, sweet pudding, while a rich, hard sauce or perhaps a chocolate sauce is the proper kind to serve with a bland, flavorless pudding.

We want you to be perfectly familiar with a variety of sauces and thus know the nature of the sauces mentioned in connection with the puddings themselves, a number of recipes for pudding sauces are given. Some of these are intended to be served hot and others cold, while a few may be served either hot or cold, as preferred. Selection may be made from these for most puddings that are accompanied by a sauce when served. Care should be taken to have the sauce appropriate for the pudding and to follow explicitly the directions given for making it.
Pudding Sauce

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Helpful Tips
If you don't have original pudding steamer, regular household utensils may be used to improvise.

For example: a pan, a colander, and another pan with cover that will fit tight enough to retain the steam will answer the purpose of a steamer.

Another option may be to put pudding into individual mold or molds and these then set in the second pan to cook.
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